Whipping up 3 protein-loaded breakfast spreads

As a parent of a child with autism, does this morning scenario ring a bell?

You have lunch boxes, school vans and a thousand other things on your mind. Your child is eating in slow motion, oblivious and easily distracted. With a constant glance at the clock you realize that: we need to get going, or...

Stress first thing in the morning. Certainly not the ideal way to start the day!

It got me thinking: how can we make our weekday mornings less of a scramble? More relaxing despite the urgency of things? The obvious answers came to mind: get up earlier, prepare things in advance.

But what if we also tried to spice up the breakfast experience? Could we make the food choices more interesting so that they were gobbled down with more enthusiasm? After all, how fun is it to have the same ol’ yogurt and bland toast every morning? Everybody needs a change from time to time.

Breakfast starII

An evening dedicated to recipe browsing and tweaking proved to be productive. It resulted in three tasty and protein-loaded spreads for Linnea’s morning toast: an egg spread, an avocado-bean spread, and cashew butter. Thanks to the consistency of the spreads, it’s also very easy to mix dietary supplements into them. What a great bonus!

The main reason why we chose cashew butter instead of any other nut butter is that cashews are low in phenols, which Linnea has difficulty processing. Organic cashew nuts are very expensive, but the nut butter will last a long time.

To keep things fresh and interesting, we alternate between the three spreads, or we let Linnea choose which one she wants every morning. So far, the egg option is her favourite, with the avocado-bean spread in the second place. With a little bit of time, she will probably also start requesting the cashew butter more often.

Give these spreads a try on your child’s toast and see what happens! Our morning routine has certainly improved since we made these changes.

We keep the spreads in tight-fitting glass or plastic containers in the fridge, and use the egg and the avocado-bean spreads within a week. The  cashew butter, also refrigerated, should last much longer.

The morning toast now goes down without prompting and constant reminders. Big sigh of relief!

Egg spread:

Chop up 1 organic, hard-boiled egg and mix with one tablespoon (or a little less) of organic Veganaise. Add a pinch of salt and some pepper.

Can it get any easier?


Avocado and bean spread
1/2 avocado (#1 on the clean fifteen list, so doesn’t need to be organic!)
1/2 cup / 1.25 dl organic, canned navy beans
1/2 organic garlic (Walmart often has it)
3  pitted, organic green olives (available at Costco)
pinch of salt

Blend everything in the food processor. Ready to enjoy!


Cashew butter
220 gr. of raw organic cashew nuts
a pinch of salt

Making cashew butter will give your food processor a workout! It takes a good 20 to 25 minutes of processing to achieve butter. The nuts will go through many stages before that happens. Keep going and remember to give your food processor a rest from time to time, so it doesn’t overheat.

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