Useful tools for an autism diet plan

Examples of tools and kitchen utensils that make cooking from scratch so much easier

A heavy-duty potato ricer/masher. We love ours from Lee Valley Tools. No need to remove the skin!
A steam basket.
A blender stick for making soups and purees.
A food processor, as a minimum a small one.
A crock pot for slow-cooking casseroles and other dishes.
A microwave for heating up leftovers.
A cooking thermometer.
A large fry pan, at least 10″ / 25 cm diameter.
A big pot for cooking large quantities; we have a 18/10 stainless steel pot. Stainless steel and other scratch-resistant materials make it possible to use a blender stick directly in the pot when preparing soups and purees.
A good-sized fridge and freezer for storage of leftovers and large packages of frozen food.
Containers with tight-fitting lids and freezer bags for leftovers.