These festive meals will make you look like a pro

Is it possible to be on a restricted diet and still enjoy delicious holiday food? Absolutely!

In 5 Autism-Friendly Meals You Can Make These Holidays, you will find five festive meal ideas that will keep your loved ones on course, while making you look like a pro in the kitchen.

I just finished this cookbook and have posted it here on Amazon.

The book features five hot dishes and five desserts that are appropriate for an autism diet, for Christmas, Easter, birthdays and other special celebrations. All recipes use gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients. Most of the meals are also organic, soy free and low in phenols.

Take a look at the Index below, including the bonus material; super easy “nuked” nut candy.

Following an autism diet during the holidays just got a lot easier! Happy holidays and happy cooking!

5 Autism-Friendly Meals Cookbook Index


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