Tuesday dinner: Hamburger with mashed potatoes


5 – 6 grass-fed or organic beef burgers (leftovers will be used for Friday’s cauliflower soup)
3 lbs / 1.5 kgs / 1 bag of organic potatoes (leftovers will be used for Thursday’s dinner)
initially1 cup / 2.5 dl organic coconut milk or alternative organic, dairy-free milk
3 tbs of organic coconut spread/oil
salt and pepper
organic cooking oil for frying hamburgers
Potatoes Mashing potatoes

Mashed potatoes

To avoid having to peel the potatoes, we strongly recommend getting Lee Valley Tools’ heavy-duty, skin-on masher. It saves so much time! Rinse potatoes and cover with water in a big pot. Cook for 20 minutes or until soft. While potatoes are boiling, start getting the hamburgers ready – see instructions below.

When potatoes are cooked, mash them into a big bowl, add coconut spread/oil and milk, along with salt and pepper. Mix with spoon. Put half of the mashed potatoes in glass container (or let potatoes cool off a bit and put in plastic container) and put in the fridge. This quantity – about 4 cups worth – will be used for Thursday’s Veggie shepherd’s pie.

Put the remaining mashed potatoes back in the pot again, little by little add additional milk until reaching a desired consistency. Heat up again at a low/medium stove temperature. Taste for salt and pepper. Alternatively, you can place the potatoes in a microwave-safe bowl and heat up in the microwave.

Hamburger and mashed potatoes


Drizzle some oil in a fry pan, place on stove at medium heat. Put burgers in pan, lower the heat and fry the burgers according to the instructions on the package. The cooked hamburger should have an internal temperature of at least 160 F / 71 C.

Serve the hamburgers and mashed potatoes with wedges of fresh tomato or a steamed vegetable of your choice.


Keep about 4 cups worth of mashed potatoes in container in the fridge and use for Thursday’s Veggie shepherd’s pie. Keep leftover hamburgers in a separate container in the fridge.


Preparation for next day’s meals

If you’re able, prepare Wednesday’s marinated chickpeas this evening, for a more flavourful result.
Take out salmon from the freezer and keep in the fridge. The salmon  will be used in Wednesday’s dinner.