Smart & simple menu

 A little preparation goes a long way… Knowing in advance what to eat during the week makes meal preparation so much easier. 

This weekly menu includes some of our family’s favourite meals. It is prepared with our “go to” staple foods.

The menu is smart because it involves cooking big quantities and using leftovers to create new meals. It is simple because it includes many frozen, pre-cut and pre-rinsed veggies, making meal preparation quick and hassle free!

If you think “my kid will never eat that!” when looking at the recipes, it will be helpful to know that most children on the spectrum need to be exposed to a new food item many, many times – some say at least twelve times – before trying it.

All recipes serve 4.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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Carrot soup with boiled egg and tomato toast Scrambled eggs with veggies Chicken, guacamole and corn chips Pasta salad with marinated chickpeas “Cuban rice” Cauliflower soup with hamburger “croutons” Quinoa salad with salmon and avocado



sd_1 md_1 td_1 wd_1 td_2 fd_1 sd_2
Oven-roasted chicken with sweet potato fries Spaghetti with tomato-lentil-veggie sauce Hamburger with mashed potatoes Oven-baked salmon with cauliflower puree Veggie shepherd’s pie with boiled eggs Pizza bites Chicken-veggie stir fry with rice

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