Recipe Index: Autism Diet

Avocado and bean spread

Beet chips

Butternut squash soup

Carrot soup with boiled egg and toast

Cashew butter

Cauliflower soup with hamburger croutons

Chicken, oven-roasted, with sweet potato fries

Chicken with guacamole and blue corn chips

Chicken with pea pesto

Chicken-veggie stir fry with rice

Chips; beet, sweet potato, kale

Chocolate cake

Eggs, scrambled, with veggies

Egg spread

Fruit, berry and cultured coconut milk breakfast

Hamburger with mashed potatoes

Macaroni with shrimp, kale/chard/spinach


Pancakes, two ingredients, no flour

Pasta salad with marinated chickpeas

Pasta with kale/spinach/chard and shrimp

Pie, sweet-potato crust, with butternut squash filling

Pizza bites

Pizza, GFDF organic

Rice, Cuban style

Salmon, oven-baked, with cauliflower purée

Smoothie, watermelon-pineapple-banana

Spaghetti, GF, with tomato-lentil-veggie sauce

Sweet-potato chips

Tomato soup, cold (gazpacho)

Tomato soup, warm

Quinoa salad with salmon and avocado


Veggie shepherd’s pie