Plant-based protein

Beans, lentils, grains and seeds are loaded with nutrients, including protein! We always choose organic varieties of these foods. The reason is that we want to be sure to avoid pesticide residues, since many pulses, grains and seeds may have been sprayed with herbicide just a few days before harvest. Here are examples of dry and canned plant-based protein that we use. Also see the Grains and seeds section for additional plant-based protein.

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President’s Choice carries a wide variety of organic pulses, found at the Independent Store/Loblaws.

Dry beans organic President's Choice

Organic, sprouted lentil trio from Tru Roots, which we find at Costco.

Tru Roots ancient grain blend Tru Roots ancient grain blendTru Roots ancient grain blend nutrition facts and ingredients

The selection of canned, organic pulses is more limited than the dried version of this product group. President’s Choice makes canned, organic chickpeas.

PC canned organic chickpeas PC canned organic chickpeas nutrition facts PC canned organic chickpeas ingredients

Another brand for canned, organic beans is Eden Organic. The company’s website includes an on-line shop.

Eden organic garbanzo beans Grace organic coconut milk nutrition facts and ingredients