Animal-based protein

We always choose organic alternatives and stay away from processed products. In addition to avoiding pesticides, additives, gluten and so on, we also find a huge difference in flavour and tenderness. It can be hard to find organic beef; in those cases products from grass-fed animals can be a substitute.

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Organic whole chicken Cericola FarmsCericola Farms produces this fresh, whole organic chicken, which we find at Costco. One bag includes two, individually packaged, fresh chickens. We always buy several bags and put half of them “as is” in the freezer. The rest we cut up into breast/thigh/wing pieces and package by category in smaller portions before freezing. This allows for more flexibility when preparing different dishes.

Blue Goose is another brand of organic chicken, carried by the Independent Store/Loblaws.


President’s Choice organic eggs. Walmart and Costco also sell organic eggs.

Eggs organic Presidents Choice

Fish and seafood

First preference: Wild-caught. Second: Farmed organic. The advantage of farmed, organic: often comes in practical portion-size pieces.

Frozen, organic Atlantic salmon from DOM International, portion packaged, from Costco.

DOM International frozen organic salmon DOM International frozen organic salmon nutrition info

Kirkland Signature, wild-caught Atlantic cod, from Costco.

Wild-caught atlantic cod Kirkland  Atlantic cod nutrition facts

President’s Choice wild Atlantic cold water shrimp, from the Independent Store/Loblaws.

PC cooked wild-caught shrimp PC cooked wild-caught shrimp nutrition facts

Olivia Atlantic cold water shrimp, cooked and peeled, from Costco.

Olivia Atlantic cold water shrimp cooked peeled  Olivia Atlantic cold water shrimp cooked peeled nutrition facts

Ocean’s canned wild sockeye salmon, bought at Costco.

Oceans wild sockeye salmon

Ground beef

Kirkland Signature organic lean ground beef, from Costco.

Lean Ground Beef Kirkland Signature organic

Hamburger Patties

Grass-fed beef from Life Choices sourced at the Independent Store/Loblaws.

Life Choices grass-fed beef burger Grass-fed beef burger nutrition info Grass-fed beef burger ingredients.