Jams and spreads

Here are jams and spreads that we use.

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Organic seed butter is a good alternative to peanut butter. We buy this Superbutter from Costco. We have opted out of peanut butter for the time being, since peanuts are high in phenols, which our daughter has a sensitivity to. Organic peanut butter is available, though. We’ve seen it at health food stores and the Independent Store/Loblaws.

Seed butter organic Superbutter  Seed butter organic ingredients and nutrition

MELT organic spreads come in different flavours.  We found this honey-flavoured product at Sobey’s, but other stores, including the Independent Store/Loblaws also carry it.

Honey Melt organic The Perfect Blend Honey Melt organic The Perfect Blend ingredients

Kirkland Signature‘s organic strawberry, from Costco.

Kirkland organic strawberry spread Kirkland organic strawberry spread nutrition facts Kirkland organic strawberry spread ingredients

This is a very yummy organic cherry/strawberry/pomegranate jam from E.D. Smith. We used to be able to find it at Costco, but haven’t seen it there in awhile.

E.D. Smith Organic cherry strawberry pomegranate spread E.D. Smith Organic cherry strawberry pomegranate. spread ingredients E.D. Smith Organic cherry strawberry pomegranate. spread nutrition facts

Organic, dairy-free and gluten-free hummus from President’s Choice.

President's Choice organic hummus

Wholly guacamole‘s mini packages of avocado-based guacamole are great as a lunch-box snack! Available at various stores, including Costco.

Wholly guacamole organicII Ingredients Wholly guacamole organic