Grains, seeds, cereal, nuts and pasta

We always choose organic grains, seeds, cereal and pasta to avoid pesticide residues. The reason is that peas, beans and other seed crops used to make gluten-free flours, breads, pasta, etc may have been sprayed with herbicide just a few days before harvest. The products we buy are also gluten free.

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Grains and seeds

Organic quinoa from C & F Foods Inc, bought at Costco.

Quinoa Nature's Wild Grains Quinoa macaroni nutrition facts Quinoa macaroni ingredients

Organic Ancient Grains from Sonoma Valley Farms is a mix of quinoa, amaranth and millet. We buy it at Costco.

Ancient grains organic Sonoma Valley Ancient grains nutrition facts per 45 gr Ancient grains ingredients

Organic chia seeds from PRANA. Also from Costco. Once opened, we keep the package in the fridge.

Chia seeds Prana Chia seeds nutrition facts and ingredients

Costco also carries Nature’s Intent‘s organic chia seeds.

Nature's Intent Organic Chia Seed, 2 lbs

BASSE organic sunflower kernels, bought at Costco.

Basse Organic sunflower kernels Nutrition facts Basse Organic sunflower kernels

Stores that sell organic seeds and nuts include Walmart, the Independent Store/Loblaws, Costco and Bins and Bins (North Bay).


Nature’s Path manufactures a wide range of organic products, including Mesa Sunrise cereal, which is also gluten free. We find it at the Independent Store/Loblaws, Walmart and Sobey’s. We often process this cereal and use it in recipes as bread crumbs.

Cereal Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise Cereal Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise nutrition facts Cereal Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise ingredients

A hot cereal produced by the same company. It’s available at several stores, including the ones listed above.

Hot oatmeal blueberry cinnamon flax Nature's Path organic Hot oatmeal Nature's Path organic ingredients


Inno Specialty Foods‘ organic Super Seeds Coconut Clusters, bought at Costco, are great for toppings on yogurts, cereal and ice cream.

Inno Specialty Foods Coconut clusters Inno Specialty Foods Coconut clusters nutrition facts Inno Specialty Foods Coconut clusters ingredients


Gluten-free, organic pasta from Tru Roots. It’s made from brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and corn. We buy it at Costco.

Ancient grain pasta penne organic Tru Roots Ancient grain pasta penne organic Tru Roots nutrition facts Ancient grain pasta penne organic Tru Roots ingredients

Red and white quinoa macaroni from Go Go Quinoa. We buy it at Costco.

Quinoa macaroni GoGo Quinoa GoGo Quinoa Macaroni ingredients and nutrition facts

Organic, gluten-free brown rice pasta from President Choice, bought at the Independent Store/Loblaws. This store also carries other kinds of organic, gluten-free pasta.

Brown rice spaghetti PC organic brown      Brown rice spaghetti PC organic brown nutrition facts


Lundberg Family Farms produce a variety of organic rice. We found this long-grain white organic rice from Compliments at Sobey’s. We always rinse or soak the rice before using it.

Compliments organic white rice Compliments organic white rice nutrition facts Compliments organic white rice ingredients


Central Roast’s organic, raw cashew nuts. We find them at Loblaw’s/The Independent Store.

central-roast-organic-raw-cashew-nuts  central-roast-organic-raw-cashew-nuts-nutrition-facts