Fruits and veggies

While we love fresh fruits and veggies, we are also very fond of frozen alternatives. Frozen is often – thanks to flash-freezing techniques – fresher than “fresh” produce sold in grocery stores. And using frozen veggies and fruit is so practical, especially when they come in large packages! All you need is to reach into the freezer for a bag, take out whatever quantity of clean, pre-cut pieces you need, and subsequently put the package back in the freezer again.

Here you”ll find some of our favourite organic frozen veggies, which we use a lot and which we most often find at Costco. We complement the frozen options with fresh produce according to the season and availability at various grocery stores and Farmers Markets. The “dirty dozen”/”clean fifteen” lists guide us as far as buying organic versus non organic fruits and veggies.

We find that Walmart in North Bay is a reliable source for organic potatoes, carrots, celery and bananas. Sometimes they also have many other organic produce. The Independent Store/Loblaws and Metro are also good sources for a variety of organic produce and fruit, including apples. Other grocery stores have organic options but the selection is more limited.

Click on the images to get bigger pictures of nutrition facts and ingredients.

Frozen veggies

Organic corn from Sunshine Harvest from Costco.

Organic sweet corn Organic sweet corn nutrition facts

Family Tradition’s organic green beans and peas, from Costco.

Organic green beans Organic green beans nutrition facts

Organic green peas Family Tradition Organic green peas Family Tradition nutrition facts

Organic sweet potato fries from Russett House, from Costco.

Sweet potato fries package Sweet potato fries nutrition facts Sweet potato fries ingredients

Dried fruit

Made in Nature makes organic, dried dates and figs, which are great for smoothies. We buy them at Costco.

Made in Nature organic pitted dates  Nutrition facts and ingredients Made in Nature pitted dates

Made in Nature organic dried figs  Nutrition fact and ingredients Made in Nature pitted figs

Pickled fruit and veggies

Asaro makes organic olives. We buy them at Costco.

asaro-organic-green-olives asaro-organic-green-olives-nutrition-facts  asaro-organic-green-olives-ingredients

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