Condiments and sauces

Sauces and condiments require a great deal of detective work! Milk ingredients, canola oil (which in North America will likely be genetically modified and thereby sprayed with pesticides), MSG and other artificial additives are often part of the mix, so one has to read the list of ingredients carefully to avoid them. Below you’ll find a list of our go-to condiments and sauces.

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We like to have a good supply of tomato sauce at home, and Simply Natural’s organic tomato & basil pasta sauce has become our favourite. It’s available in many stores (Walmart, the Independent Store/Loblaws, etc.). We buy it in bulk from Costco.

Tomato sauce organic Simply Natural Tomato sauce organic nutrition facts Tomato sauce organic ingredientso.

Bouillon cubes instantly add richness to a dish, especially sauces and gravies. Go Bio has a variety of organic options. Since yeast can be a problem in autism, we most often use the yeast-free alternative. Source in North Bay: The Independent Store/Loblaws.

Go Bio organic bouillon variuos Go Bio yeast-free organic bouillon cubes ingredients and nutirion facts

Earth Island’s organic Veganaise tastes exactly like real mayo! Mixed with a clove of pressed garlic, it makes for a fast and easy alioli, which gives some zing to basically any cooked dish. We also use it to simulate cheese on pizza. Sobey’s and The Independent Store/Loblaws in North Bay carry it. There are other mayo alternatives by the same brand, but only this one is organic, which is the one you want to buy.

Earth Island organic Veganaise Earth Island organic Veganaise ingredients Earth Balance organic Veganaise nutrition facts

Organic, gluten-free tamari sauce from San-J. We find it at Walmart and the Independent Store/Loblaws. We use it in stir fries and gravies.

Tamari soy sauce organic San-J Tamari soy sauce organic San-J ingredients

Kirkland Signature‘s organic, no-salt seasoning is from Costco.

hSeasoning Kirkland Signature organic Seasoning Kirkland Signature organic ingredients

Whenever a creamy consistency is desired, organic coconut milk comes to the rescue! We use it in soups, spaghetti sauces and for oven-baked dishes. If really cold, it can be whipped and replace cream in baked goods. Sources for organic coconut milk: Food Basics, Bulk  Barn, the Independent Store/Loblaws and Food Land in Callander.

Coconut milk is first on the list of ingredients for Native Forest’s organic coconut milk.  As a result, its fat content is very high, 64%, to be compared with Thai Kitchen‘s 15% fat content for the brand’s “light” alternative. Grace‘s organic coconut milk has a 30% fat content. Whether you use one product or another depends among other things on what you plan to use the milk for.

Native forest organic coconut milk Native forest organic coconut milk nutrition facts and ingredients

Grace organic coconut milk Eden organic garbanzo bean nutrition facts

Asian Creations organic coconut milk  Asian Creations organic coconut milk nutrition facts  Asian Creations organic coconut milk ingredients

Simply Natural‘s organic yellow mustard. Sources: The Independent Store

Mustard organic Simply Natural Simply Natural organic mustard nutrition facts

President’s Choice‘s organic tomato ketchup, carried by the Independent Store/Loblaws, among other stores.

Ketchup organic President's Choice Ketchup organic President's Choice ingredients

President’s Choice’s organic, non-sweetened apple sauce.

President's Choice organic apple sauce Apple sauce President's Choice organic ingredients

Wholesome! organic blue agave syrup, bought at Costco.

Wholesome organic blue agave syrup  Wholesome organic blue agave syrup nutrition facts

Sicilia‘s organic, concentrated lemon and lime juices. The Independent Store/Loblaws and Metro often have them.

4-oz bottle of SICILIA organic lemon seasoning  Bottle of SICILIA lime juice, 200ml