Butter substitutes and cooking oils

There is more to this than meets the eye. Many butter substitutes contain artificial or “natural” flavours, and we’ve read that some children on the spectrum may react to these flavour additives in a negative way.

Also, many spreads and cooking oils contain corn oil or soy oil. Unless organic, these two oils are almost certain to be produced from genetically-modified (GMO) corn or GMO soy. Both crops are likely to have been sprayed with herbicide, so expect the oils to contain pesticide residues. The same is true for peas, beans and other seed crops, which might be used to make gluten-free flours, breads, pasta, etc.

Organic canola oil is the preferred alternative for cooking . It’s higher in Omega 3, and doesn’t break down readily at high cooking temperatures. Organic is important: if it’s not organic, then the canola crop may have been sprayed with herbicide just a few days before harvest!

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Earth Balance produces at least two “butter-substitute” spreads with organic ingredients, one coconut-flavoured alternative….

Earth Balance organic coconut flavour spread Earth Balance organic coconut flavoured spread nutrition facts Earth Balance organice coconut flavoured spred ingredients

…and this Original variety. We find them at the Independent Store/Loblaws.

Earth Balance Earth Balance ingredients Earth Balance Nutrition Facts

We also buy Nutiva‘s coconut oil and use it as a butter substitute. Costco sells it in a cost-efficient, large container.

Coconut oil organic Nutiva Coconut oil organic nutrition facts  Coconut oil organic ingredients

Costco used to carry large containers of La Tourangelle‘s mix of organic sunflower seed oil and organic coconut oil…

Sunflower coconut oil organic La Tourangelle Sunflower coconut oil organic La Tourangelle Sunflower coconut oil nutrition facts and ingredients

…unfortunately, we haven’t seen it in a while, so we currently buy organic olive oil that we use for most of our cooking. There are several brands at Costco, including Kirkland Signature.

Kirkland organic olive oil Kirkland organic olive oil nutrition facts

Organic canola oil from President’s Choice, bought at the Independent Store/Loblaws.