Amazingly easy autism-friendly pancakes: two ingredients, no flour!!

When we first heard about these pancakes we thought they were too good to be true. Only two ingredients? And no flour? They certainly sounded like the perfect pancakes for anybody following an autism diet!

All you need for this recipe are eggs and bananas, plus a fry pan, some organic canola oil and a spatula for flipping the pancakes. Easy! We like easy!


To avoid pesticides, we use organic eggs and organic bananas.

We like to enjoy the pancakes with either of these toppings:

  1. Our home-made organic pear butter (super easy to make in the slow cooker!).
  2. Organic agave syrup combined with organic fruit or berries (fresh or frozen).
  3. Our home-made fig marmalade, which we make using dried, organic figs and organic pear juice.

If you haven’t tried frozen organic fruits and berries yet, we highly recommend them. They are so convenient! Thanks to flash-freezing techniques, they are often fresher than the “fresh” produce you find in grocery stores. Nature’s Touch is one brand for frozen fruits and berries. You find it at Costco among other places.

For six easy, autism-friendly pancakes, here’s what you’ll need:
2 organic eggs
1 organic banana
A little bit of organic canola oil for frying


Multiply the quantities if you want more pancakes. They seem to be best when consumed immediately, so you’re probably better off preparing just the right amount for one meal, rather than making extras and freezing leftovers.

Here’s how you make them:
Start by mashing the banana(s) as finely as you can with a fork. Transfer the banana(s) to a bowl and add the eggs. Use a hand whisk to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Sprinkle some organic canola oil in a skillet. These pancakes require a lower temperature than you would use for “normal” pancakes. Try a medium-low temperature, such as 2.4/10. When the skillet is warm, use a ladle to scoop up some pancake mixture (about 2/3 of a ladle) and pour onto the skillet.


 preparing-autism-friendly-pancakes making-autism-friedly-pancakes

Let the pancakes  cook for 4 or 5 minutes before you check them the first time. Carefully use a spatula around the pancake edges and have a peek. Are they ready to flip? They might need to cook for a few more minutes.

Once the surface is slightly brown, flip them and cook on the other side. When you’ve achieved the desired crispness, the pancakes are ready to enjoy together with your favourite topping.

Pampering your loved ones with a pancake breakfast just got a whole lot easier! Eggs and bananas are all you need.


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