Autism’s Hope – A Poem of Appreciation

April 2 is World Autism Awareness & Acceptance Day. In recognition and appreciation of the assistance that we have received from doctors, therapists, teachers, and caregivers, we offer this poem as a sincere thank you.

Autism’s Hope

Too many noises
Too many sights
Too many voices
It’s just too bright


So I cover my ears
‘Cause I still need to see
But all of this input
It overwhelms me


Don’t know where to look
Don’t know how to play
Please excuse my long pauses
I’ve plenty to say


But a lot’s trapped inside
It won’t come out on cue
Please be patient with me
‘Cause I really need you


Right now I’m still little
But I won’t always be
Maybe then I’ll help others
Just like you help me.


Roland Kilpatrick, Linnea’s dad

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